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good morning, my love

good morning

even though the clock ticks closer

to 12pm and the stricter speaker

inside repeats “afternoon” on 

a broken record

it’s the sentiment that counts

the sentiment that fills snowy noon

with warm mist and draws me from

my bedsheets at the promise of

glimpsing you between the haze 

of laughter filling a good friend’s birthday party,

the memory of your gaze warms my cold hands 

regardless—my sunshine

i suppose the weatherman lied, 

there’s something about rainy streets that’s so cozy now 

when i watch them from behind café windows

beside you and a slice of 

red velvet, a handpainted story told

in snowless winter nights and

rain-puddled trails past desolate elementary schools

that shine and soften again

for the first time in 



Artist Note:

Inspired by a 10-minute playlist, "good morning, my love" was written during a musical free-write exercise. This particular playlist had a soft, dreamy atmosphere, featuring wistful love songs on the small beauties of life. "good morning, my love" extends this musical atmosphere to picture the gentle warmth of sunlight amid my own winter.

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