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Eternal Grace

May we join hands around the dinner table

to pray for our kids who are running across the kitchen

so fast we can only catch them as shrapnels

before the blast as rock salt grains

before the snow although we have asked

them to stay if they were here

we would tell them to look up into

the sky amidst cicadas’ screeching applause

the final firework display for our humankind

This eve as we are together we would like to give

thanks for the food on our table the clothes on our

skin the roof above our heads and most importantly the failed promise

of an apple sinned not by a woman but our dream to reach for

any apple in the cosmos hence shadows between grocery aisles

we have taken for granted hence piles of chicken heads singing so briefly

we mistake them for dawn hence pockets of sunlight in which

our fingertip reaches closer to god’s but stumbles upon fossils of the

anthropocene epoch before it is too late we would like to give thanks for

the debt we owe in the name of civilization balanced out

as space debris return to their sleep on our bed in nuclear timescales

Loving father please guide us so close to the windowsill we feel the

warmth of this planet’s fireplace and melt like ice which

will bring life to antarctica’s blooming lest we forget we

were beautiful in your image once lest we forget millions of redwoods

will not our enduring empire will snow spores on

our decaying guts and hopefully there will be pills for us to remember

delivered straight to our doorsteps because will we remember anything

but to work hard have fun and make history

Loving son please on the chemtrail highway toward eden never

look back accelerate on the axis mundi like microplastics

traveling through the countdown hourglass of our burden

for having failed you even if you slip even if all is proven to be futile

may we join hands to celebrate your kingdom your will on earth as it

is on heaven

Loving spirit as you burst through our poetry as a reminder

of your animistic existence please tuck us in warmly and as children again

maybe this is nothing but a folktale told next to a fireside

Maybe then we will be less craven. Amen. Amen. And a-men.

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