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Ninh Khang Dang

Ninh Khang Dang (he/they), is an enthusiastic queer Saigonese artist based in Vancouver, Canada. With a heart filled with literary creativity and a voice of untold stories, Ninh explores rich nuances of emotions, identity, and community through their art.

Ninh is an interdisciplinary artist who weaves words' magic into poetry and music, amplifying their artistic visions with performative vocal skills to resonate with the audience. To Ninh, melodies and rhymes are invitations into a world of imagination, where each individual's story is viewed through the vibrant kaleidoscope of human existence. Combined with their queer Saigonese origin, Ninh's work fosters a sense of belonging for his beloved community and calls for outsiders to celebrate the beauty of identity complexities. For Ninh, their work is a means to champion inclusivity and mutual understanding in today's world of constant political and social conflicts.

As an artist, Ninh's goal is to create a safe and understanding creative space with poetry and music where their audience can be inspired to embark on their journey of self-discovery. Art, for Ninh, is their power to translate pain and dispute into a deeper understanding of human nature: who we are and how we can strive toward empathy and kindness as a collective.

At the Collections of Transience Writers Residency Program, join Ninh on this remarkable artistic voyage of poetry and music to explore the transformative beauty of art through emotions, identity, and community. Together, let's enrich our compassion for shared human experience.

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